All YFG Instant Videos incorporate modifications for all levels of individual conditioning, so it’s easy to start at the level that works for you and advance as your body is ready. No previous yoga experience is needed.

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YFG Instant Video Bundle: Buy Any 3 - Save $

Purchase any 3 YFG individual Instant Videos (each video with a $22 USD price) for $60. The discount will be automatically applied on the cart after selecting any 3 YFG individual Instant Videos.



Building on the Par Level Series, YFG Birdie Level Instant Videos focus on specific areas of your golf game to help you further improve performance and feel better throughout your round. The Par Level Series is not a pre-requisite – Birdie Level modifications are included for all levels of fitness and flexibility.

$ 22.00 USD


Birdie Level: Developing a More Balanced Swing

Running Time: 32 minutes

Cultivate a more efficient, effective, consistent and repeatable golf swing by training equally on both sides of your body to improve your physical symmetry. YFG training also focuses on the kinematic sequence – how energy is transferred in your body through your golf swing.

$ 22.00 USD


Birdie Level: Improving Endurance throughout your Round

Running Time: 36 minutes

Endurance, the ability to stay both physically strong and mentally tough, has a direct correlation to your performance on the course. Learn how to better manage your energy by training in three planes of motion.


Increase your power and distance while at the same time reducing the potential for injury with this foundational instruction series. Following a stepped approach, each level of the YFG Golf Function & Performance Pyramid is addressed. This Par Level Series is the perfect start for those new to Yoga For Golfers® and is recommended for all fitness levels.

$ 22.00 USD

Par Level 1: Mobility & Stability. The Foundation of Your Golf Swing

Running Time: 33 minutes

Increase your performance and feel better as you begin to improve your flexibility by activating and strengthening your core and lower body.

$ 22.00 USD

Par Level 2: Strength & Balance. More Power Through Your Round

Running Time: 40 minutes

Build power and consistency by working on posture, balance, focus, and continued core strengthening.

$ 22.00 USD

Par Level 3: Power & Distance. Using Gravity & Ground Forces for Explosive Power

Running Time: 20 minutes

Generate more power and distance in your golf swing with additional focus on building upper and lower body strength.

$ 60.00 USD

Full Par Level Series – Save $

Total Running Time: 95 minutes

Purchase all three Par Level Instant Videos together for a full YFG foundational training program.

  • Par Level 1: Mobility & Stability. The Foundation of Your Golf Swing
  • Par Level 2: Strength & Balance. More Power Through Your Round
  • Par Level 3: Load & Explode. Using Gravity Against Ground Forces

$ 22.00 USD

Dynamic Warm-Up Series. Play Your Best From the First Tee

Running Time: 22 minutes

Proper warm-up is essential to prepare the body for the explosive movement of the golf swing. This series of three different, progressive dynamic warm-ups will help free your body of tension, warm-up your core body temperature, and ready your joints and muscles before you step on to tee box. Recommended for all fitness levels.

$ 22.00 USD

Make More Pars Now

Running Time: 18 minutes

Your short game accounts for 60% of your score and over 40% of your short game is putting. By following this simple, effective series of stretches and core strengthening, your body will perform in a way that supports a more consistent, fluid putting stroke. Recommended for all fitness levels - Par, Birdie and Eagle.

$ 22.00 USD

Swing Like the Pros

Running Time: 27 minutes

The golf swing happens in three planes of motion so to hit the ball better with more accuracy, you need to move fluidly and effectively across all three planes. In this training series, you will experience immediate improvements in your flexibility, strength, turn, and ability to maintain a consistent spine angle. Golfers love this series as it builds confidence by improving consistency. Recommended for all fitness levels- Par, Birdie and Eagle.

$ 22.00 USD

Your Key to Bigger Drives

Running Time: 39 minutes

Every golfer can benefit from more distance. Gain flexibility and strength to hit the ball farther and with more consistency. This training series is perfect for those new to Yoga For Golfers® as a wall is used for additional support. Recommended for Par and Birdie fitness levels.